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Shift to Virtual Desktops with Support from IT Services

4 Reasons to Shift to Virtual Desktops with Support from IT Services

Virtual desktops are the saving grace for business during COVID-19, hurricane season and beyond. Technology through IT Services guides businesses to be more efficient, scalable and nimble to allow them to easily adapt. 

Virtual desktops are increasing in demand and are expected to be the new norm for businesses.  If COVID-19 has taught us anything so far, it’s to be prepared for the unknowns. This means creating a business framework that can be nimble and quickly adapt with technology in place so operations can continue. According to this article “Microsoft partners with Citrix for the future of virtual desktops“, virtual desktops have grown more than three times in the last few months due to an increase in work from home scenarios. 

Top Reasons to Leverage IT Services to Make the Switch:

  1. Seamlessly Scale & Remain Connected:  Incorporating virtual desktops allows for increased connectivity. Virtual desktops are scalable solutions that allow your employees to stay connected every minute of the day, wherever they may be. Businesses can quickly add new desktops as they grow or can have access to a desktop from a terminated employee so assets are not lost.
  2. A Built In Disaster Recovery Solution:  With virtual desktops, your operating system and all data is in the cloud.  Whether it be hurricane season or another natural disaster that you don’t have time to prepare for, your desktop is fully backed up. You no longer have to think about securing your data at the last minute and can ensure business continuity. As you may have seen in our recent Hurricane Preparedness blog, advanced preparation and cloud based solutions will allow your business to thrive through challenging times while keeping operations ongoing.  
  3. IT Remote Monitoring and Maintenance:  Your IT vendor can quickly remediate issues through remote support with your virtual desktop. This becomes mission critical when in scenarios where you can’t always guarantee resources to be on site. It also allows issues to be fixed on an expedited schedule. Your IT vendor can support, troubleshoot, and provide full remediation for employees, locally or hundreds of miles away, when desktops are in the cloud.  System updates can also be rolled out quickly and more efficiently. 
  4. Lower Cost Solution: When leveraging virtual desktops, you naturally have less hardware which means a lower cost solution. It also opens the door for businesses to consider more flexible IT arrangements. For example, many companies are having employees bring your own device (BYOB).  What if you allowed them the option to do this for their laptops and you provide a monthly stipend instead? With virtual desktops, you operate in the cloud with the convenience of using any device.

Are you ready to make the switch and take your business to the cloud?

As a managed IT provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.