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Managed IT Services The Value of a QBR

Managed IT Services: The Value of a QBR with ION247

One major benefit with Managed IT Services is Quarterly Business Reviews.  These meetings can catapult your business in ways that you may not expect.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) pack immense power. While the obvious benefits of these meetings immediately come to mind, there are others you receive with the support of ION247 Managed IT Services.

Listening to your business.

A QBR should never be done with the mentality to “check the box”.  Instead, it’s a chance to listen. It’s an opportunity to understand challenges and learn how specific verticals may be changing. It’s also an opportunity to build strong relationships with the main points of contact.  That’s how valuable partnerships through managed IT services are created. 

When a vendor fully understands your business and industry is when you get the most value out of support services. Do you have compliance regulations that need adherence to? Or does your company need stricter policies in place for your business or industry specific processes?  Knowing every important facet of a business and its projected plans is extremely important to customizing an IT and cyber program to its specific needs.  We accomplish this through listening first and then formulating programs, or in some cases, fine tuning existing ones.  

Scale and ensure no gaps in your program.

Businesses change and evolve constantly. In ideal scenarios, this change is positive growth. Managed IT services is the key to ensuring growth plans have the right IT aligned so there are never any gaps.  Reducing gaps means you are reducing potential vulnerabilities that could occur when in growth mode. A QBR is an ideal time for these conversations and allows businesses to understand budgets and costs up front for inclusion in their growth projects. 

In other scenarios, such as the current state of COVID-19, a change in the business landscape means a change in working environments. This is where listening, once again, comes in key so that we can ensure there are no gaps in IT security due to environment changes. The goal is to always be proactive and create a secured framework that makes for seamless transitions to this new norm.  Environments can quickly change, but devices and networks remain secured with business continuity. 

Collaborate to think outside the box and solve problems through managed IT services.

ION247 customers benefit from our extended platform of services.  Not only do we provide managed it services, but also security solutions to allow for one vendor for all your needs. Customers find value in incorporating a fully managed access control, video surveillance and video monitoring solution to solve the problem of brick and mortar security. These physical security managed services allow you to have the piece of mind that people and assets remain secured, without adding costly overhead to accomplish this task.

Have you ever considered reviewing reports and data analytics with your IT vendor to create solutions for other problems?  Robust dashboards and reports are provided to customers and upon reviewing, can be leveraged to determine trends, problems and solutions to optimize processes for efficiency. For example, a report generated could determine that certain employees repeatedly fail phishing tests in your cyber program.  Uncovering this information allows you to take action with additional training to further safeguard your business.

As a managed IT provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.