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IT Support Increases Productivity for Construction Sites

IT Support Increases Productivity and Efficiency for Construction Sites

The construction industry is one that requires employees to be outside of the office on job sites regularly. It’s important for these employees to be set up on a framework that enables full office capabilities, remotely.

There are two prime opportunities for construction companies to significantly boost efficiency and ensure seamless business continuity, while also reducing costs. Both can be accomplished with your IT support provider.

Move to the Cloud

Leveraging the cloud allows employees to operate from their vehicles, jobs sites, home, etc. with the functionality of being in the office. Cloud solutions create a highly accessible and secure environment to efficiently accomplish all project related tasks, remotely. Quickly access desktops, email, project software and all documents such as drawings, plans and invoices from any location, which significantly increases productivity for all employees. Need to refer to a scope of work or project plan while on site?  Operating in the cloud puts those at your fingertips and saves time so you can accomplish more, faster, and then move on to the next project.

With cloud services, all critical applications, documents and information are automatically protected with a built in disaster recovery solution. Whether it be a hurricane or COVID-19 that may restrict working from the office, employees have the flexibility to quickly shift to working remotely while ensuring business continuity. The cloud also creates a secured environment so all assets are protected from vulnerabilities.

Leverage Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are critical to every business, especially those with employees working in remote environments. Your business will benefit from expert technical support and advanced technology solutions. A managed IT services provider creates a secured environment with full endpoint protection to reduce risk and vulnerabilities. Through proactive maintenance and monitoring, you receive the highest possible uptime and optimal service levels. When potential device and network issues are detected, the Help Desk is immediately alerted and they remotely remediate the issue before it impacts business operations. All ongoing maintenance is handled so it’s one less action item for your business. 

In addition to managed IT services, cyber security is critical to all businesses, large and small.  With the increase in cyber threats, a program is no longer optional but a requirement. According to this recent article, cyber crimes have ramped up during COVID-19, costing businesses billions. ION247 offers a comprehensive and fully managed cyber program in addition to managed IT services. Your business is equipped with routine foothold checks, simulated phishing exercises, behavioral analysis with AI and machine learning to predict behaviors. Routine employee awareness training reduces your risk for vulnerabilities.

Six Immediate Financial Benefits:

  1. IT support reduces the need for onsite overhead and costly technology in order to manage your IT environment internally. With outsourcing, you leverage a mix of people, processes and technology at a fraction of the cost. 
  2. Reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and gaps in security with remote workers through cyber services. One cyber attack could take down your entire network with financial implications from data loss, ransom attacks and also downtime.
  3. Benefit from desktops, phone, email, servers and systems being in the cloud which acts as backup and disaster recovery. This allows for business continuity so operations can continue, limiting downtime and revenue loss.
  4. Create a highly accessible environment to enhance productivity.  This means work is completed faster, processes optimized and less time wasted given that you can be fully operational from your vehicle, job site, etc.
  5. Get off the infrastructure life cycle and eliminate equipment replacement every 3-5 years.
  6. Through proactive maintenance and monitoring, receive the highest possible uptime and optimal service levels. Potential device and network issues are immediately detected and remediated before impacting your business operations.  A proactive approach in return prevents a lengthy downtime.

Are you ready to leverage IT support?

As a managed IT provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.