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Can Help Prevent Homograph Phishing Attacks

How IT Companies In Orlando Can Help Prevent Homograph Phishing Attacks

Hackers are continually developing new online security threats, and as one of the IT companies in Orlando, we provide the latest solutions that will keep you and your business fully protected. Recently, there has been a rise in homograph phishing attacks, and it is critical to be fully aware of the scheme before it is too late.

A homograph phishing scam disguises a malicious hyperlink into appearing to be a legitimate link to a reputable website. Once the user clicks on the link, they are usually asked to fill out a form that will reveal personal information. If this information is filled out, your identity can be stolen, and you risk losing thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips from IT companies in Orlando to help avoid becoming a victim of a homograph phishing scam:


Never download any attachment within an e-mail that is from an unknown source. If an email has a hyperlink, manually type in the web address to avoid becoming a victim of a homograph scheme. The majority of web browsers have built-in mechanisms to protect against homographs, but recently, a leading computer expert has revealed significant security vulnerability in the most popular web browsers. Currently, manually typing a web address is the only safe option. If you believe that you have already opened a malicious hyperlink inside an e-mail, IT companies in Orlando can analyze the e-mail and provide the latest solutions for your company.


Besides phishing attacks, computers can easily be targeted by viruses and malware. Downloading the newest anti-virus protection is a significant step in protecting yourself from malicious e-mails or websites. Being aware of the latest cyberattacks is an excellent way to protect your company’s personal data. Running weekly scans can help detect any issues before they become a major problem. Preventative maintenance is critical in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.


A password manager stores all of your login information for each website. The password manager will also automatically save your password through encryption with a master password. In other words, if you click on a phishing link, it will notify you that the website is not legitimate. Besides the convenience of managing all of your passwords, password managers provide excellent protection against homograph phishing attacks.


As you can see, homograph phishing scams can be very complex and dangerous for individuals and companies. Until browsers update security settings, you’ll need to manually type the link address to avoid opening a disguised hyperlink. If you believe that your business may already be at risk, it is critical to contact us at ION247. IT companies in Orlando will assess and repair any technical issues you may encounter.