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Increase Business Efficiency and Connectivity with Managed IT

Increase Business Efficiency and Connectivity with Managed IT

When you’re making changes to your operations, such as increase remote flexibility, Managed IT cloud solutions is the express ticket to rolling out these capabilities.

We are in a generation where we need information, tools and communication platforms to be faster than you can blink.  When it’s not quick, we feel a sudden drop in productivity and frustrations quickly rise.  Cloud-based solutions through a Managed IT provider for your IT framework are a proven way to overcome those challenges.  Most importantly, they are reliable, scalable, secured and accessible. Businesses can expect for cloud services to be a vital part of their IT environments for the long-term future.  In a Gartner study, the growth of the cloud services market is expected to be at $331 billion.

What Solutions are Available Through Managed IT?

Email: With cloud email services, you will never have an Internet or server outage disable your company again.  You benefit from a 99.9% uptime, so your employees are always connected.  Employees have mobile access to email, calendars, and contacts which adds another layer of connectivity.

Phone:  The cost of telephone lines, on-site phone systems, and on-going support can be high.  Not to mention, after several years you may have to reinvest more money to upgrade the system. With cloud phone systems, it’s always available without infrastructure expenses.  It also enable your employees to stay connected, wherever they may be.

Storage: Migrating your data in the cloud is an efficient way to create a highly secured and also highly accessible environment for employees to boost productivity.  There is visibility into document changes, multiple employees can work in the same document and you can also lock any documents you don’t want modified. This allows for an increase in project workflow.

Disaster Recovery:  One of the most important things a business can do is back up information and assets.  It can take just one unplanned event to lose important files that can paralyze a business. The ripple effect on operations can also mean lengthy downtime, leading to financial loss. You can seamlessly mitigate your risk by having cloud-based disaster recovery solutions as a proactive method to keep your information and business safe.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting involves moving your on-premise servers into private or public clouds.  Virtualization of servers increases flexibility to help employees’ productivity in and out of the office. It also serves as a backup in the cloud to provide you with the highest possible uptime while and a more efficient utilization rate.  Given that you no longer need the onsite hardware, you then are able to decease your operational costs.

Leverage the Right Provider to Be a Reliable Partner.

In short, cloud services pack immense power for your business and are ideal solutions for increasing accessibility and connectivity in a secured solution.  The best part?  These solutions are highly scalable and can grow in lockstep with your business.  As a managed IT provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.