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Get Fast Tracked with an IT Company

Do You Have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan Ready? Get Fast Tracked with an IT Company.

Businesses can lean on an IT Company to proactively and effortlessly fast track their hurricane preparedness plan.

June means the beginning of summer, but it also means the start of hurricane season. Even though many have the best intentions, it seems fairly common that most don’t end up preparing until a hurricane is imminent. It’s always a couple days before potential landfall that most flock for supplies and safety measures to prepare their businesses.  Whether it’s a hurricane or any other type of natural disaster, preparing your business is critical now, not later. Not only will it proactively set you up for success, but it will also take one more thing off your plate when you are scrambling to prepare.

How to leverage an IT Company to prepare.

Experts predict 2020 to be an active hurricane with 19 named storms. Businesses can seamlessly protect their IT environments by incorporating the following options through an IT company, such as ourselves. This way, when a potential hurricane is near, you’re ready.

  1. Cloud-Based IT Solutions:  Incorporating cloud-based solutions allows for increased connectivity and business continuity. You no longer need to rely on onsite servers to store your important data. These scalable solutions also allow your employees to be connected every minute of the day, wherever they may be. Information is easily retrievable and communication methods, such as email and phone, are always available.  If a hurricane were to make landfall, your business can stay connected.  Solutions leveraging the power of the cloud include phone, email, backup, server and storage.
  2. Disaster Recovery IT Solutions:  Disaster recovery solutions should always be incorporated into every business, but especially during hurricane season. As Florida residents, we all know the volatility of these unpredictable storms.  It’s typically not until a named hurricane is just a couple days out with a more definitive track that people start to ramp up with hurricane prep plans. With disaster recovery solutions, your business will be prepared from the get-go, so it’s one last thing to worry about when a hurricane is near.  Disaster recovery solutions can also be cloud-based.
  3. IT Remote Monitoring and Maintenance:  Having your IT vendor incorporate remote monitoring and maintenance is critical.  In certain scenarios, you can’t always guarantee resources to be on site. With a framework of people, process, and technology, businesses can leverage remote technical support whether you’re a mile away or a hundred miles away.  Proactive monitoring and maintenance allows your business flexibility with the highest possible up time. Issues that are detected are immediately alerted and the remote IT team starts troubleshooting with full remediation. This is a more efficient way to ensure optimal system health 24/7 and allow your business full functionality, with the bonus of flexible environments.

It doesn’t stop at hurricane season. An IT company can help in many facets.

COVID-19 has been an eye-opener for businesses of all sizes. It has become increasingly apparent how important it is to take proactive measures to create an environment that is highly accessible, collaborative and communicative. It has also made business owners realize the value of backing up all data assets and imploring options to allow for connectivity and business continuity in the event they need to incorporate flexible environments quickly. Overnight, many businesses were forced to adapt to a “new norm” with their business environments when COVID-19 hit. This new norm has set a baseline moving forward for how businesses will be built to operate.  Proactively setting your business up with a technology-based framework allows you to be prepared for the future in any type of shake up.

The best part? As an managed services provider, ION247 does all the work to get you ready.  So, what is stopping you?

As a managed IT provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.