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Flexible Environments Through IT Support

Flexible Environments Through IT Support

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, remote capabilities are made seamless.

Flexible working environments will no longer be looked at as a trend, but a new norm for the long-term future.  After temporarily being forced into work from home scenarios, it has become increasingly apparent how technology has laid the groundwork for this new reality to be a secured way of the future.  Recently, Twitter, among many others, announced their plans to allow their employees the option to work from home indefinitely.  Technology is what makes this new landscape a reality for businesses, large and small.

It’s no secret that studies have shown that flexible work environments significantly contribute to increased productivity, lower stress levels and yield higher employee retention for businesses. With this comes the concerns of how to incorporate flexibility for your employees while maintaining full endpoint security and business continuity. This is where IT support services come into play.

Providing flexibility with the help of IT support

The first step to incorporating flexible working environments is to assess your IT environment with an IT support managed services provider.  From initial assessment, they will determine your risk level and vulnerabilities and then create a plan specific to your business.  Here is what it looks like to be backed by ION247 for IT support for flexible capabilities:

Remote monitoring and maintenance tools keep your workstations, servers and networks fully secured through proactive measures.  There is no longer a need to have someone onsite to handle IT concerns.  Instead, your IT infrastructure is remotely secured 24/7 without the added overhead.

-A customized Help Desk experience provides level 1 and 2 support.  Tickets are automatically generated and triaged when in issue is detected.  A professional technician immediately begins troubleshooting to deliver a resolution while providing full visibility into the status with steps taken.

-Cyber protection is imperative and ION247’s IT Support services provides a full cyber program, not just a single tool. Receive routine foothold checks, simulated phishing exercises, behavioral analysis with AI and machine learning to predict behaviors. Routine employee awareness trainings reduce your risk for vulnerabilities.

-Event-based video monitoring and virtual security guard services secure your brick and mortar location without the need for guards or employees onsite.

-Customer dashboards provide full visibility into your security with advanced analytics to access your risk and make better business decisions.

Email, phone, storage and backup in the cloud provides endless scalability. Businesses experience a significant increase in accessibility, the highest possible uptime and seamless communication.

As an IT support managed services provider, we leverage people, process and technology to provide valuable technology solutions to solve business problems.  Contact us today at 844-466-2474 to take the secured approach to flexible working environments for your business.