Reasons You Need Video Monitoring Services For Your Business

3 Reasons You Need Video Monitoring Services For Your Business

Unforeseeable threats leave most of us feeling a bit uneasy about our business’s future. There are three reasons you need video monitoring for peace of mind. 

Here are the three reasons to invest in video monitoring today.

1. Reduces Risk 

When you work in an industry that requires you to oversee more than one location, such as real estate or property management, you’re responsible for several properties across several different sites. It can be incredibly overwhelming to worry about the safety and security of each property and tenant on a day-to-day basis. Given that the current climate has changed the business landscape and requires all employees to be out of the office or working from home, you run the risk of leaving these sites unsupervised. 

This makes properties vulnerable to potential intruders and looters. For peace of mind and blanketed security, it would be wise to invest in video monitoring to ensure nothing goes south while you’re away from any sites. With our trained experts keeping an eye on your properties 24 hours a day, we help to reduce the risk significantly of any damage happening to your business assets. 

2. Ensures Compliance 

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Not only will video monitoring allow us to be on the lookout for your business assets, but we’ll also ensure that all employees are complying with the regulated business hours. We leverage video analytics to send our monitoring staff an alert when a person is on your property during off-hours. 

Let’s say you own a construction site where you’re required to leave unfinished materials at the end of every day. Like most general contractors, theft from a project site is a common concern that we’re sure has crossed your mind or happened to you in the past. In order to guarantee that your building supplies and equipment are left untouched (especially when your property is left in a vulnerable state), you should consider leveraging video monitoring

3. Secures Materials 

Our role in this partnership is to be your eyes when you aren’t looking. We’ll monitor your property, limit access (if requested), secure all materials on-site, and rapidly dispatch police if we see anything out of the ordinary. In the end, investing in video monitoring could save you a ton of time and money by catching concerns before they turn into problems. It could be the reason you’re able to return to your untouched construction site after a long weekend, or the life-saver that stopped someone from entering your property after hours. 

Video monitoring is perfect for businesses that are looking for extra protection. Allow ION247 to be that security blanket for your business! Contact us today to request a free quote. 

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