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Work From Anywhere With Managed IT Services

Work From Anywhere With Managed IT Services

Keeping your business running efficiently with remote employees can easily be achieved with your managed IT services.

In the office, the nine-to-five grind, employees sit in their cubicles for eight hours a day, crunching numbers, calling clients, eating sandwiches at their desks. Looks bleak, right? Thankfully, the modern office looks a little less like that every day. Your employees aren’t desk jockeys. They function on the go, taking work with them directly into the field. How do you achieve the same level of efficiency with mobile computing as you would in the office? The answer is rather simple: when choosing managed IT services in Hoover, select a provider that offers workspace-as-a-service (WaaS).


Workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) architecture works to recreate onsite IT processes for use anywhere in the world. Your employees need to have the same level of computing power no matter where they are. It can make the difference between productivity and inefficiency, between success and failure.

WaaS is a tool similar to desktop virtualization. Your employees can access data and applications from anywhere on any device. They log in to the provider’s service and just like that they have access to a virtual workspace desktop. Virtual desktops operate exactly like a physical desktop, giving your employees the ability to use critical resources on the go.

This architecture functions much like a combination of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and desktop applications as a service.


Novel business solutions don’t mean anything if they can’t make an impact on your productivity and efficiency. So, how do WaaS processes benefit your company? Going mobile with WaaS provides an abundance of positive impacts.

Increased ability to work from anywhere increases employee productivity. No longer tied down to a desktop computer in the office, your employees can spend more time in the field finding leads and fostering business relationships.

Though this technology offers the ability to work from anywhere, that does not mean that you must sacrifice a healthy work-life balance. In fact, the workspace-as-a-service model actually improves this balance. If the need arises due to unforeseen circumstances, employees have the option to work from home. They can take care of what they need to and maintain a certain degree of productivity.

This productivity is important; however, it is equally important for your business to have cost-efficient managed IT services. Costly maintenance of your IT falls almost solely onto the workspace-as-a-service provider. WaaS systems don’t generate nearly the amount of digital junk that a traditional desktop might. For that reason, they are both easier and cheaper to maintain. You can use this saved capital to reinvest in your business and improve your products and services.

Building a mobile office with WaaS architecture keeps your business competitive. When you want to give yourself the cutting edge, choose us at ION247. We have the professional and proven resources you need when looking for managed IT services. Our company offers a variety of approaches to your IT solutions, including WaaS and DaaS processes. Contact our experts now if you want the best IT solutions.

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