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Why You Need A IT Consultant

IT Companies: Why You Need A Consultant

It can be expensive for a small or medium-sized business (SMB) to employ an IT team for all of their needs. The answer could lie in working with a consultant from IT companies.

In order to remain competitive, it is essential that companies keep up with constantly changing technological advances, particularly when it comes to security. The best way to do that is to consider a consultant from IT companies in Birmingham, also known as a managed service provider (MSP Birmingham).


Cost – First and foremost, hiring a consultant is a much cheaper option than a whole team of IT professionals with all the requisite skills. IT companies in Birmingham provide specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost.  Their knowledge of your business allows them to suggest the best way to use your existing systems. Additionally, they suggesting new technologies that will be of use to you to further your own specific objectives.

IT Roadmap – A consultant’s technical knowledge and familiarity with your company will also allow them to create a digital roadmap designed for your particular goals. Only implementing the IT activity that allows you to reach those goals and being able to measure your successes against it will allow you to budget and prioritize accurately.

Increased Productivity – Knowledge of the right systems to implement and well-planned best practices can improve the connectivity and collaboration within your company. This allows for increased productivity.

Reduced Downtime – Downtime can be a disaster for a small company. If customers cannot be served, or queries dealt with, it can cause huge expenses. Not to mention, getting the systems back up and running again in as short amount of time as possible can cause headaches. The downtime could be due to environmental disasters, human error, or cyber crime. But whatever the reason, the result can be catastrophic. One of the services that a consultant can offer is remote systems monitoring. It could either reduce or get rid of the threat of downtime completely. There are also security upgrades, disaster recovery processes, and a systematic approach to maintenance that can protect your infrastructure from known threats.


For the best in consulting services with up-to-date knowledge and depth of experience designed to get you the best value on your technological investments, reach out to one of the best IT companies. Contact us at ION247 and our team will be on hand with guidance and collaboration, strategy and support to ensure your company has the best in-depth technical expertise helping you to make the right decisions.

*Blog post updated July 2020.