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How IT Companies Help SMBs Back Up Data

How IT Companies Help SMBs Back Up Data

While every business needs reliable data backup solutions today, budget constraints lock out most SMBs from full-scale cloud storage solutions offered by IT companies.

Data loss is catastrophic to any business, and failure to secure sensitive data could lead to a complete shutdown. It is critical to have a proper data protection strategy for your business’s data to limit the vulnerability of losing it to an IT disaster. With reliable IT companies, your  business can realize a befitting solution to:

  • – Protect your data with the use of advanced tools, such as deep duplication, backup accelerator, and automatic cloud backup.
  • – Realize efficient data recovery by leveraging data recovery options, flexible versioning of backup files, and the auto-select data backup sources.
  • – Streamline your data management workflows with the use of a hybrid cloud architecture and remote discovery and operation.

Here are the top data storage solutions designed for SMBs:


Reputable IT companies realize the unique needs of storage for every business and provide storage devices that are connected to a workstation or file server with the use of a USB port.

While it is a cost-effective measure for the storage of data that doesn’t qualify for immense storage space, it requires batch backups and could result in outdated copies of data.


In addition, IT companies offer you data storage solutions that are attached to the servers for the transfer of data to multiple drives simultaneously. NAS also runs data transfer protocols that are compatible with standalone desktop and laptop computers. The technology provides for redundancy and data synchronization across various volumes of backup copies.


With NAS and DAS, the backup is done in an in-house setting, which leaves the data susceptible to a wipeout in case your premises are affected by the disaster.  However, both NAS and DAS can be availed to you as disaster protected storage to help protect your data against catastrophes such as floods and fire breakouts.


If your storage needs are beyond the limitations of file storage, then, you can exploit a private cloud for the online storage of your data without giving up control to a technology vendor.

Having a reliable data backup strategy and duplicate copies of your data are essential for business continuity. Do you need help creating an effective backup strategy? At ION247, as a leading IT provider among IT companies, we have all the resources you need. Contact us now for more information.