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Partner with a Managed Services Provider

Partner with a Managed Services Provider to Increase the Value of Real Estate Assets

The ultimate goal for Real Estate Management executives is to increase the value of each property in your portfolio in order to boost the overall return on investment. Leaders can exponentially free up their time and focus on strategies to support growth and stretch budgets further by outsourcing, part or all, of their IT and security operational responsibilities, including IT End Point/Network/Data Security, and Physical Security (Access Control and Video) with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The key is finding a partner that is focused on the specific needs of the Real Estate Management vertical market.  There are three immediate key benefits to take advantage of through this type of strategic partnership.

Benefit 1:  Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Leveraging standardized cloud-based operational technologies allows Real Estate Management companies to lower their total cost of ownership. This includes lower capital investments during development or renovation and lower ongoing support and maintenance costs. Other markets have been migrating to cloud-based systems for years, achieving lower costs. Our program helps Real Estate Managers take advantage of these same principles, yet meet the unique needs of corporate and at the property level, including the ability to easily on and off board assets.

Benefit 2: A Program with a Managed Services Provider = Lower Risk

A Managed Services Provider brings people, process, and technology standards supported by a Service Level Agreement.  In other words, an ongoing programmatic approach that makes sure technical standards and security policies set by corporate are carried out in the field.  Often, corporate standards are driven at the point of asset acquisition, development, or retrofit, but then turned over to property management, who aren’t trained on supporting the operational systems and policies. This approach often results in increasingly degraded standards, downtime, shadow IT projects within the properties, and an increased security threat footprint.  Having standards through a managed services program alleviates these risks.

Benefit 3: Focus Your Energy on Creating Value

Integrated common area amenities such as wireless Internet, computing end points, access control and video surveillance with the ability to provide the latest features using cloud mobile management, can set your properties apart from competition. These solutions are not a “set it and forget it” technology and require ongoing proactive maintenance. A managed services provider can remotely manage these systems to ensure the highest uptime, often detecting and fixing issues before they happen. Outsourcing the critical IT and security functions free up time so you can shift your full attention to staying competitive, while creating and executing on strategic initiatives to fuel growth across your investments. Real Estate Management companies can become hyper-focused on core objectives such as new acquisitions, competitive amenities, rental rates, occupancy improvement, tenant satisfaction and building maintenance. 

For the Growth-Minded Leaders

For the Real Estate leader looking to catapult investment growth across your portfolio and conquer the real estate market, ION247 has you covered. We take pride in creating lasting strategic partnerships within the industry to help solve problems so you can focus on increasing the value of your assets, without the critical IT and security functions falling to the wayside.  Contact us today to learn more about ways we can set you up for success. If you are ready for an assessment, schedule time here.