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Multiple Real Estate Assets Increases Vulnerabilities

Multiple Real Estate Assets Increases Vulnerabilities – Be the IT Hero.

If not managed properly, Real Estate Management companies can be exposed to increased vulnerabilities when assets are spread out over a large geographical area.  IT leaders can be the hero.

Running an IT department that oversees multiple assets across multiple markets can have its set of challenges.  From our experience working with Real Estate Management companies, there are efficient ways to structure your operations to enable you to accomplish more strategic technology functions, without requiring additional internal resources for operational support. Co-managing with a Managed Services Provider dedicated to the Real Estate Management space makes you the hero by setting you up for success with two major immediate benefits.  

Increase Your Reach, Remotely.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider for IT, cyber and physical security delivery allows you to drastically increase your reach. If fully managed internally, the amount of resources and technologies you would need to invest in can oftentimes be cost-prohibitive, especially when much of the operational budget is managed at the property level. Not to mention, the workload to provide operational support can consume your team. However, these functions are still required in order to accomplish critical tasks.

ION247 uses a framework of people, well-defined processes and advanced technology to provide you with a valuable partnership to allow you to cover more ground, remotely, with less internal manpower and within a variable cost model. This co-management enables you to become more efficient in providing all employees and assets with the highest possible uptime and a secured framework to reduce risk. When it comes to service support, you have an SLA-based Service Help Desk at your disposal, preventing you from getting bogged down in the weeds with tickets.  Our co-management approach allows you access to our systems or integrates with your service management systems, so you always have visibility.

Eliminate Vendor Issues and Create Standardization.

The key for Real Estate Management companies is to leverage a Managed Services Provider that not only offers managed IT, but also cyber, IoT and physical security and is familiar with the space. This streamlines processes and service contracts across IT and security departments. You drastically benefit from having one vendor and SLA to manage, which creates standardization.  All assets have a consistent level of service and approved technology standards. A Managed Services Provider supports you with iron tight processes, a consistent delivery of security policies, and pre-selected technology solutions to be rolled out across all real estate assets. 

Standardization benefits include:

  • Full transparency and a reduction in costs: This consistency allows budgeting to become more efficient. When a device breaks or you have an IT request, you work with one vendor under one service agreement. This allows for transparency in costs, across all properties.
  • Improves on-boarding of new properties: When acquiring new properties, the onboarding process becomes more efficient. Combine everything it takes to deliver the service into one fixed monthly fee and then execute on the pre-selected equipment and features. It doesn’t interrupt the operation of the rest of the organization because you are essentially just tacking on one more site through approved processes and technology.
  • Eases the headache while reducing risk: Using multiple vendors causes standards and policies to get convoluted, creating risk and inefficiency, while also making scalability an impossibility. When equipment and processes are inconsistent across locations and a device goes down, it can open the door to liabilities, given the amount of time it can take a technician to be scheduled, to then troubleshoot and provide full remediation of the issue.  With standardization and one vendor, you know exactly who to contact, timing expectations and how to budget appropriately since all variables are set. Assets within the portfolio operate from a true run book and with coordinated service management.

A Step in The Right Direction.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider for your IT and security is a guaranteed way to ripple success throughout your organization.  When looking for a Managed Services Provider, one that offers IT, cyber, IoT and physical security will provide you with the most powerful and dynamic team, while enabling you to reap all the benefits.  Contact us today to learn more about ways we can set you up for success.