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Managed IT Support Can Keep Your Information Safe

4 Ways Managed IT Support Can Keep Your Information Safe

With all of the recent cybersecurity attacks, keeping your information safe is critical! Having managed IT support can keep your business protected, here’s how.

One of the most recent attacks of 2019 has been from the movie ticket subscription service MoviePass. The breach affected tens of thousands of users and their personal information. This included not only their MoviePass information but their email address, billing information, credit card number, and expiration date. 

There are a couple of notable aspects of the data breach on MoviePass. When looking into the attack, a cyber threat researcher had found that their database had been open and accessible for several months before the attack had actually happened. The researcher also discovered that their files had been stored on an open server with no password protection. Without a password, this left their customer’s information wide open for an attack. 

It’s imperative for companies who experience a significant amount of growth, especially in a short time frame, to make sure their security is in lockstep with their growth. No matter what size your company may be, you never want to lose sight of the importance of having your data and proprietary information secure at all times. Businesses of all sizes, small or large, can be subject to an attack.

Here are some ways our managed IT support can help protect your business against a similar attack. 

Assessments & Advisory Services 

At ION247, we provide you with a comprehensive road map of recommendations to protect you. In the beginning, we do a complete evaluation of the systems you already have in place and make a note of any potential issues you may encounter. From there, we recommend the best tools and practices to have in place to keep your client/customer’s, as well as your own, data safe. This will prevent you from having any holes in your file storage that would leave them open and easy to access. Our goal is to reduce your cyber exposure and ensure cyber hardening which reduces your risk of vulnerabilities. 

Employee Training

Another important service we offer is employee training on best security practices to use with company information. This includes best practices with passwords and how to create a secure password as well as how often to change it. Keeping your information safe begins with your staff understanding the importance of cybersecurity and knowing the tools to use to keep data safe. 

Service Help Desk 

Customer Support Center

Our service help desk is there to help resolve issues quickly. If you think you may have opened a spam email with a virus now installed on your computer, having access to a service help desk ensures you have someone immediately on the case making sure there are no threats to the entire network. 

The Service Help Desk team is in full communication with you from the minute the ticket is submitted to full resolution of the problem. Our client portals allow you to have full visibility throughout the process and we are there to answer any questions you may have regarding your computer. Our goal to keep you up and running with no threats or downtime. 

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance 

An important benefit of our managed IT support is the ability to manage your workstations remotely. Our remote monitoring helps prevent or detect issues early on before they escalate into something bigger. We stay on top of installing the latest software updates and providing web filtering for all of your employees.  

Our system patch management services allow your systems to remain up to date on the latest security essentials which keep your system protected from vulnerabilities. We also use advanced technology to detect issues often before you even know there is one. 

Another aspect of remote monitoring is ensuring your firewall is kept up-to-date. This is important because your firewall monitors all information being sent or received from the computer and blocks suspect items from penetrating your system. Keeping it updated makes sure that you are protected from the latest threats. 

Contact us today to see how our managed IT support can keep your information safe.

*Blog post updated December 4, 2020.