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Cloud Services Will Keep Your Office Connected

3 Ways Cloud Services Will Keep Your Office Connected

Cloud services will help your office run smoothly to keep your business connected.

A truly connected office is what businesses strive for. Barriers in communication and an inability to access information can diminish workplace efficiency. Managed services providers can implement cloud-based solutions to give you the tools you need to keep your office connected and operating at its highest level.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, instant access to information, and lines of communication are invaluable. Here are three ways cloud services can provide you with the tools you need. 


When your primary line of communication is email, you must have a reliable service provider. Utilizing our cloud email services allows you to work with no server outages and provides easy disaster recovery. This means your information will never be lost due to computer crashes or server malfunctions.

Having your information stored in the cloud not only keeps it safe, but it also allows for remote access on multiple devices. It guarantees open lines of communication for all employees, no matter where they may be. 

Collaboration is a critical aspect for many companies, especially those with remote workers or multiple offices. Utilizing cloud-based email provides users with a shared calendar to keep everyone in sync with projects and meetings. 

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With the use of cloud-based phone services, you enable your employees to stay connected wherever they may be. We complete the setup and configuration of your company’s phone system including individual lines for each user and a dial-by-name directory. We also put security protocols in place to ensure compliance.

By downloading a smartphone app, you can connect your office number to employee’s mobile devices and streamline communication for the company. This also helps with interoffice communication and increases productivity. Giving each employee a unique transfer line, every user has seamless access to instant messaging, voice messages, and direct-to-email capabilities. 


Another key component of our cloud services is storage solutions. By setting up your document storage on the cloud, it allows for all of your files to be accessible to every employee. Having a centralized location for all documents allows multiple users to collaborate and edit projects in real-time from anywhere in the world. The cloud system will also maintain a record of all edits and allow for the previous versions to be reestablished.

At ION247 we help migrate all of your current data onto our cloud storage system, making it easier for you. We also set up users, groups, and file permissions for individuals. These file permissions give you more protection and control over who has access to your data.

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