Theft from construction sites is a problem that any general contractor is concerned with. ION247 can deploy temporary surveillance units to keep an eye on your valuable building supplies and equipment.

We are able to utilize video analytics to send our monitoring staff alerts when a person is on site during off-hours. ION247 can configure units to sound off sirens and flashing lights to alert an intruder to vacate the premises immediately.

No local Internet? No problem, we can communicate to the surveillance units over a cellular modem. No power available yet? Easy, we can deploy a system using solar power.

Our ability to rapidly dispatch police to your site can be the difference in delays for stolen equipment and keep your construction project on schedule.


ION247 has the capability to install a camera overlooking the site and provide a time-lapse video of the construction from start to finish.The deployed camera can also integrate with our video analytics platform to provide not only a great marketing tool, but also secure the job site.

ION247 can also assist your web designer to show live construction footage embedded into your website to show real time progress.