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Will the new Teams Premium enhance your business?

Will the new Teams Premium enhance your business?

Microsoft Teams is a formidable tool for companies of all sizes, from small teams to large enterprises. It offers a variety of features that help teams collaborate, communicate, and stay on top of tasks.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams Premium in February 2023, customers will gain access to extra features including enhanced analytics, custom logo, branding, and strengthened security. Is Microsoft Teams Premium something your business requires? This article will give you a better idea of what can be accessed and how to make the most of the platform.

Microsoft Teams Premium overview

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that facilitates effortless communication between teams and departments. It boasts a wide range of capabilities, including integration with other applications, strong performance when it comes to team interaction, and the capacity to set up automated processes.

The premium version of MS Teams is designed for larger businesses and provides enhanced features that allow users to have more authority over their teams and the system. This incorporates access to more in-depth analytics, custom branding, and advanced security capabilities.

Microsoft Teams Premium features

Microsoft Teams Premium includes several extra features that will help improve your user experience. Here are a few of the key features that you should be aware of.

Advanced analytics: you can acquire a more comprehensive overview of your team with advanced analytics. This feature provides in-depth knowledge of user activity, such as the amount of time spent on a task, the number of communications sent, and other levels of activity. You can search for trends in user behavior to identify potential areas for improvement. These insights can then be used to enhance efficiency, involvement, and collaboration.

Custom branding: Companies can fully personalize the Microsoft Teams experience with this new feature. It enables businesses to craft a one-of-a-kind brand for their teams consistent across all channels, such as conversations, video/audio calls, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to give your team a distinct personality and make it stand out from other teams.

Meeting guides: This function is designed to support users in choosing the best experience for their meeting (e.g. customer phone call, creative brainstorming, technical support, and so on). IT executives can arrange options for meeting categories and personalize them, thus establishing pre-set selections.

Enhanced meeting protection: enhanced security measures will be employed for board meetings, financial conversations, and product launch plans, such as the utilization of watermarks to discourage confidential information from being divulged. Additionally, only authorized recording devices will be permissible, giving assurance to meeting participants their discussions will remain confidential.

Advanced webinars: more sophisticated capabilities will include amenities such as virtual green rooms for presenters and hosts, automated emails to remind attendees, and an option to put people on a waiting list if the event is full.

AI-generated tasks: Utilizing the power of AI, tasks that need to be completed can be automatically created from conference discussions.

Intelligent recap: a helpful feature that summarizes the meeting, emphasizing the most relevant points and recording them automatically.

AI-powered live translation: Artificial intelligence has enabled the ability to translate forty different spoken languages in real-time, and provide captions for the translations.

Microsoft Teams Premium benefits

Having outlined the advantages of the premium version of Microsoft Teams, let us now discuss the key advantages it provides.

Boost collaboration: MS Teams Premium offers capabilities that are more sophisticated and help to strengthen collaboration within teams and departments. Included are capabilities such as refined analytics and the capacity to construct automated workflows. These abilities enable you to monitor the execution of necessary operations, discover areas that need enhancements, and construct more efficient processes.

Increased productivity: Microsoft Teams provides powerful tools to increase efficiency. Its premium package allows users to access additional functionalities to facilitate improved productivity, such as enhanced analytics, automated workflows, and comprehensive communication abilities.

Improved security: Teams Premium provides heightened protection for your company’s confidential data, making sure that any conversations remain confidential, shielding against misappropriation of intellectual property, and confirming that data privacy rules are adhered to.

Leverage Microsoft Teams Premium with the experts

Access the strength of Microsoft Teams Premium for your organization with the Microsoft Teams experts at ION247. We can help you decide which features and tools are most beneficial for you and then craft a strategy to accommodate your business needs, to ensure you can benefit from this premium version of Teams.