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Advantages Of Outsourcing IT Support

Advantages Of Outsourcing IT Support

A Network Operation Center (NOC) is an integral function of outsourcing IT support. Regardless of the type of ventures, all business have their digital devices networked together for easier workflow.

An NOC performs numerous IT functions such as system monitoring, coordination of network problems and changes, and IP addresses and domain name management. The big question that business directors ask is whether to outsource to managed services providers or simply to have in-house NOC. Having an in-house IT team has the benefit of working with familiar people that you can trust. On the other hand, hiring outsourcing IT support in Orlando with managed service providers also has numerous profits, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing IT support:


Outsourcing with a managed services provider ensures that professionals take care of complex IT issues, giving you time to focus on initiatives to see the growth of the enterprise.


Outsourcing managed services is a security measure to ensure that you have personnel familiar with topics such as the PCI compliance standards. This can reduce the risks associated with credit card numbers, client data, and other sensitive information.


No business wants to spend unnecessarily. Thus, if there’s a chance to spend less, it’s readily embraced. Outsourcing cuts cost tremendously. This means you only pay for services when there’s a problem to be solved, as opposed to having an in-house team that will be paid whether there was a problem or not. Companies prefer outsourcing to reduce ownership costs and reduce downtime.


It’s cheaper to outsource as you will spend a small portion of what you would’ve spent with an in-house IT team. It can be quite costly to hire and train an IT team and this makes outsourcing the better option.


Each business enterprise has a certain level of risks associated with changes in government regulations, markets, financial conditions, competition, and technology. Outsourced managed services assume these risks and even manage it for you. They’re more experienced in their areas of expertise and they can decide how to avoid risk with their industry-specific knowledge on security and compliance issues.


A qualified employee doesn’t necessarily mean experienced. An in-house employee is a bit limited and may not be familiar with certain IT problems. Outsourcing an IT company will ensure that you get an experienced person who is familiar with all problems.


It’s obvious that small businesses may not be able to afford an in-house NOC. However, they can still play on the same level by outsourcing the same services that big companies are getting.

Having considered the benefits of outsourcing, ensure that your provider is qualified, experienced, and certified. If you’re looking for managed services providers, ION247 has all the solutions you need. We provide IT support and we’re here to give you only high-quality services. Contact us today for more information.

*Blog post updated November 12, 2020.