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Why Security Is A Process Rather Than A Product

Managed IT Services: Why Security Is A Process Rather Than A Product

When it comes to security, digital protections are just as important as tangible protections like locks for doors and windows. Managed IT Services help identify these protections.

The challenge is determining which digital safeguards are most appropriate for each unique business. It is not only cyber hackers that pose a threat but also user error, user ignorance and ever-evolving digital threats. After all, a user who makes an honest mistake has the potential to cause just as much damage as a malicious cyber hacker. This is precisely why digital security should be looked at as a process rather than a product to be purchased. Our managed IT services team is here to help you implement this process today and continuously improve it across posterity.


Nowadays, security means more than putting bolts on the office door and setting the alarm. Securing your technology is essential to business success. However, simply buying a product to block viruses will not suffice. Hackers are trying to stay several steps ahead and the attacks continue to evolve. Our managed IT services team is here to monitor your data in real-time. Such monitoring includes the real-time analysis of dashboards, the alert management system and log audits. Yet monitoring alone is not enough. Tests are also necessary. Testing is a simulation of potential attacks and other security flaws that provide insight as to whether the system performance is up to par.

If your business has purchased antivirus software and other protections, installed them and assumed everything would be fully secured, you have likely been burned quite badly. If your data has not been breached, the odds are such a crisis will occur at some point in the future.  In the first half of last year, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records.

The best approach to safeguarding your network and sensitive data is to transition from thinking of digital security as a product to thinking of it as a continuous process that must be improved across posterity. Digital threats constantly change so your business’s protections should also evolve to keep pace.


Improving preparedness for digital threats is the final step necessary for comprehensive digital security. Cyber hackers continue to evolve so user preparedness should also improve as time progresses. User preparedness is rooted in testing and subsequent alterations as well as heightening employee awareness. The sad truth is many employees are unaware of the many forms of digital attacks ranging from phishing to malware, ransomware and so on.


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*Blog post updated June 2020.