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Safeguarding Data Through Secure File Sharing

Managed IT Services: Safeguarding Data Through Secure File Sharing

All businesses always have to deal with clients’ confidential or personally identifiable information at some point. This info can be hacked if you do not employ a good strategy for file sharing to protect the clients’ data with the help of managed IT services.

Managed IT services providers can help you come up with the best strategy as entails file sharing. It could be an unfortunate incident for your business if confidential data is breached. Secure file sharing is just what you need to ensure data safety.


Today, most businesses functions are moving to the cloud. The cloud is a safe and secured platform that enables both your employees and clients to access their information in real-time whenever they need it. This saves each party the hassle of having to send emails, which are not even secure unless encrypted. In addition, the cloud saves time, as you do not have to schedule multiple appointments with your employees or clients because whatever they need is already accessible through the cloud. All you have to do is choose a model of file sharing that will work for you and that will offer you fast and efficient data delivery.


Most businesses, especially those that handle clients’ personal information are a major target for hackers. If you only rely on the physical servers and machines for the storage of your data, you can lose it anytime with zero chances of ever recovering it. Data loss will make your business lose its credibility and increase the cost of liability insurance.

If you must share sensitive files via email, ensure that the email is encrypted from end to end. Both the sender and recipient’s end must be encrypted to consider it secure. You must ensure secure file sharing to make sure you comply with regulations. A managed IT services provider can help you achieve this.


When looking for a file sharing service, choose one that will integrate with your business functions. If you are looking for a system with a long-term access, then you must go for a file sharing system that will not terminate access after a certain period.

It is essential to move your business operations to the cloud so that you can have an efficient and secure file sharing system. A managed IT services provider such as ION247 can help you make a smooth transition to the cloud. Contact us today and let us help you in the process of secure file sharing in the cloud, among many other IT services.

*Blog post updated June 2020.