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Managed IT Services: An Insight Into The Cloud

Today, you cannot talk about managed IT services and fail to mention cloud computing. However, you need to understand exactly what cloud computing is, its location, and benefits to your business.

In simplest terms, cloud computing is the storage and access of any form of data, files, and programs over the internet as opposed to using a computer’s hard drive. The cloud makes use of remote network servers over the internet to manage the data. Here are some important things to consider when looking into Cloud support through a managed IT services provider in Birmingham:


Compaq first mentioned the word cloud in their internal document. It was not until 10 years later that the concept of the cloud became alive when it introduced the CEO of Google at a tech conference. The whole cloud concept is now widely spread and more tangible as big players such as Microsoft and Amazon provide cloud-based services.


Essentially, the cloud has three separate layers:

  1. Infrastructure – This is the fundamental layer, which is mostly physical. IT includes network cables, storage blocks, and hardware such as the servers.
  2. Platforms – This is simply a location in the cloud where all data is gathered.
  3. Applications – These are the programs hosted on the platform layer.

Some of the cloud computing offerings include the following:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Internet of things
  • Data backup and recovery services

Managed IT services providers give cloud-based offerings such as ‘X’ as a Service. X here stands for several services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (PaaS), and many others.


  • Reduced Storage Space – With the cloud, you need not worry about physical storage room. In fact, you get to do away with the massive server rooms because all you need is an internet connection to store all your data.
  • Cost Reduction – Since you do not need all those physical servers, it means that you do away the cost of maintenance. This ranges from the electricity bills to manpower.
  • Mobility – With cloud computing, you are not restricted to any specific location for access to your data. all you need is an internet connection and you can access data from anywhere.
  • Data Security – With cloud computing, your data is safely backed up to the cloud and you can access it even if your hardware fails or is destroyed by a disaster such as fire.


The cloud is here to simplify work for businesses. It is time to make the switch. Contact us at ION247 and our managed IT services team will offer for more insight into the cloud, as well as many other managed IT services.

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