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Are You Prioritizing Mobile Device Management

IT Support: Are You Prioritizing Mobile Device Management?

As more employee devices connect to your business network, your systems are vulnerable to security breaches. Hiring IT support can help your business be better prepared.

There’s no running away from technology, and more and more employees are now relying on mobile devices to perform work-related tasks. Businesses need to leverage their IT support to make use of this new opportunity, without compromising the security of the business.


Bring your own device or BYOD is when businesses allow employees to use their own devices for work purposes. They can enjoy increased comfort and flexibility and even work remotely. This new trend, which is being seen in large and small businesses, can increase productivity and reduce business expenditure. However, there are a number of risks associated with any BYOD policy.


With more and more devices connected to your business network, there are even more endpoints that are potential access points to security breaches. This can happen through hackers, malware, loss, or theft of mobile devices, and improper use by your very own employees. Any of these can cause significant financial implications, so businesses need to develop a proactive security plan.


To keep up with technology and give your employee flexibility from BYOD without compromising security, you need effective mobile device management (MDM). With IT support, you can get all the help you need developing an MDM plan that includes the following:

  • Limited accessibility and password control so that only authorized users can access mobile devices. Lock screen passcodes also help in this.
  • Automatic updates and management so that you don’t have to devote too much extra time to individually and manually managing a large number of mobile devices on your network. All devices must run anti-malware software that is regularly updated.
  • Remote monitoring and tracking so that you are always abreast with how mobile devices are being used over your network. Should one be lost, you are able to cut off access to your business data by locking the device or erasing the data remotely.
  • Application control to prevent unauthorized and non-work-related apps from accessing business data.


With the right IT support, you can secure your network and make the use of mobile devices in your business a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. If you’re looking for great MDM support, ION247 can help. Our team of experienced IT professionals understands the risks that businesses in different industries face when they introduce BYOD policies. Let us take care of your IT security while you concentrate on your core business activities. Contact us today to find out more.

*Blog post updated in August 2020.