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Managed Security Services Provider Secures Your Office

How a Managed Security Services Provider Secures Your Office

Stay safe inside and outside of the office. You already have enough to manage running your business, so leave it to us to be your managed security services provider.

Protect Your Office From Intruders with Managed Security Services

Opening and closing businesses are vulnerable periods, so it’s good to have a security plan in place to keep your employees, assets and business operations safe from theft and malicious activity. Fully securing your environment can safeguard your business by meeting compliance regulations.  There are several options you can implement in order to reduce risk and meet proper standards. 

Manage Access Controls Both Onsite and Offsite

Control Access Onsite and Offsite

Physical access options include key fobs, ID cards, and door controllers. Key fobs and ID cards can be swiped or shown to provide access. Using a customizable software system, biometrics can identify and track visitor traffic once they’re in the office, so your office visits will be secure from beginning to end. Having a remote access control plan with support technicians on hand helps eliminate the costs associated with gate and building attendants.  You can quickly grant or revoke access at any time as new employees are hired or leave your organization. Managed services providers will fully manage all moves, adds and changes for you so it’s one less thing you need to focus on.

Secure your facility with Managed Video Surveillance Services

Video managed services aim to be convenient while improving customers’ quality of life.  Event-based video monitoring uses advanced technology and analytics to secure your facility and prevent crime.  Alerts are immediately triggered when activity is detected and the Managed Services Provider can use the voice down feature to speak to the intruder or dispatch authorities if needed.  Event-based video monitoring can augment guard costs to save you money while increasing your security measures.

Opt for a virtual concierge service where support technicians can authorize and manage access remotely. They review video surveillance when alerted to grant facility access for deliveries and visitors. You can also notify support technicians of pre-authorized guests so they will grant access without any concerns. 

Ready to secure your office? Contact us today to assist with your managed security services.

*Blog updated November 2020.