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How IT Companies Can Keep Your Printer Secure

How IT Companies Can Keep Your Printer Secure

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of using a secure printer. IT companies can help your company avoid making this common mistake.

An unsecured printer that is connected online is highly vulnerable because it can give an outside party access to your confidential documents. Here are simple steps advised by IT companies to secure your printer and keep your business protected:


The first step in securing a printer is through the utilization of a strong and effective password. Avoid creating generic passwords that can be guessed easily. Instead, it is much more effective to use a password with a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. The password should be a minimum of at least eight characters. It is also a good idea to update a printer’s password on a frequent basis for maximum security.


IT companies enable businesses to gain access to the latest firmware updates. These firmware updates will keep a printer safe from hackers because these updates are designed to prevent any newly discovered security vulnerabilities. An IT support company will require each printer to receive the latest firmware update, as this is just one more layer of security from external cyber security threats.


One of the most effective ways to keep your printer’s data secure is through the use of encryption software. If a hacker does gain access to your documents, they will be unable to read them due to the latest advances in encryption technology. Of course, another good idea is to delete any older documents that are no longer needed, as it frees up space and limits the amount of confidential information on a device.

Taking the extra time to secure your printer is well worth the effort. Also, partnering with IT companies in Birmingham can help minimize the risk of your business suffering a cyber attack. ION247 is an IT company that specializes in IT security and is always looking for new ways to keep companies safe and protected from the wide assortment of cyber threats. We understand the importance of securing online printers and we can help you avoid being the next victim of a data breach. If you are interested in learning more about cyber security contact us and let us discuss this information in further detail.