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Make Construction Site Theft an Impossibility

Make Construction Site Theft an Impossibility

Construction projects are easy targets for theft, given the expensive machinery and materials that remain on the job site overnight, unattended. With our extensive experience supporting customers in the construction industry, we find this to be a top common pain point for superintendents and project managers. Such theft and vandalism can ripple significant implications including project delays, financial loss, risk, and the overall headache when having to react to the situation. It’s estimated that $400 million is lost every year from theft but there are solutions that prevent you from being the next statistic.

Switch From Reactive Video Surveillance to Proactive Event-Based Video Monitoring

Event-based video monitoring is the ideal solution for your construction site security to eliminate the potential for theft occurring all together. This solution flips from a reactive to a proactive approach. A virtual security guard force reduces onsite overhead by utilizing advanced technology, thermal detection, and event-based analytics to secure exposed resources and equipment. Thresholds are configured to trigger alerts and two-way communication prevents potential malicious activity from progressing into theft or vandalism.

The Immediate Benefits

• Project Managers can have peace of mind knowing the job sites are secured with a 24/7 virtual guard force.

• Receive priority, rapid response from authorities when necessary.

• 24/7 recording provides an audit trail for risk teams.

• Event-based video monitoring can use mobile or permanent systems, with a lower total cost of ownership.

• Preventing theft eliminates the corresponding financial loss and project delays.

• Time lapse video supports marketing with project video assets and real time activity.

• Solar powered system options are readily available, easy to use and leverage cloud-based technology for accessibility.

Seamlessly Eliminate Theft

For the construction team looking to decrease risk, reduce financial implications, and diminish project delays from theft, ION247 has you covered. We take pride in creating lasting strategic partnerships within the industry to help solve problems so you can focus more time on supporting each project’s unique needs.  Contact us today to learn more and receive a live demo.