Cloud Data Backup

As climate patterns change, causing server and sudden storms, fires, flash floods and more, your business should be asking, “Is our data safe at our office locations?”

Unfortunately, not all companies are thinking about catastrophes and the financial losses and impact productivity; it can cause on their workload and finances.

In a global data protection study released in December 2014, it was stated that corporations were losing an estimated $1.7 trillion annually through data loss and unplanned downtime as a result of unforeseen disasters/events.  Data loss increased to 400% since 2012, and two-thirds of the 3,300 organizations surveyed had experienced data loss in the last 12 months. Researchers found that surprisingly few had implemented data protection practices and fewer than half employed remote, cloud-based data protection.

If your business doesn’t have a disaster plan, then you’re setting yourselves up for future failures.  Mitigate your risk. Create an emergency plan.  Your plan should include natural catastrophes and man-made disasters such as theft, hardware failure, human error, system failure, computer viruses, power failure and accidental deletion.

Disaster preparedness begins with ION247. Our IT cloud infrastructure protects your business from disaster by including backup and recovery measures allowing your business to resume daily activities without detrimental disruptions.

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