The Cost Of Downtime And How IT Companies In Orlando Can Help

May 24, 2019

The Cost Of Downtime And How IT Companies In Orlando Can Help

Downtime can strike a business at any moment. Fortunately, IT companies in Orlando can help you avoid facing this dire scenario.

Downtime doesn’t just cost a few hours of productivity, but it can have severe long-term effects on your business, especially if you own a small company that has limited resources available. How can downtime affect your business without support from IT companies in Orlando? Here are some examples:


Building an excellent reputation takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. However, any periods of downtime or costly data breaches can permanently damage the reputation of any company. Many clients discuss negative experiences on social media, and these negative comments can quickly gain traction in only a matter of a few minutes. The best way to prevent this troubling scenario is by enlisting the help of an IT provider that focuses on allowing your company to operate as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime.


The business world is ultra-competitive, and any extended periods of downtime can result in the loss of clients. For example, today’s clients are accustomed to instant gratification and many of them will not have the patience to wait on a website that isn’t available. Instead, they will visit a competitor’s site. Ultimately, this will cause you to lose a valuable opportunity in gaining a new client simply because your website isn’t working. However, IT companies in Orlando can ensure that your site is available at all times and will also provide around-the-clock monitoring services to ensure that everything is working in optimal condition.


One of the main drawbacks of experiencing downtime is that it can significantly limit the productivity of each employee. The vast majority of work occurs with computers, and any technical issues can wipe out an entire day’s worth of production. Multiple days of downtime will not only cripple productivity but can make it nearly impossible for a small business to bounce back and fully recover. Fortunately, an IT provider will not only minimize downtime but will also look for ways to improve productivity by frequently updating software with the latest upgrades.


Out of all the IT companies in Orlando, we at ION247 are the best. We can keep downtime to a minimum and help your company gain access to state-of-the-art technology. Our IT technicians are always available for assistance and will monitor your network at all times. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about our company and services.

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