Executives in the construction industry have enough on their plate when it comes to increasing revenue and acquiring new projects for the company. A top-notch IT department is required for employees across all properties to be effective, but no longer needs to be managed internally with a team of resources and costly technologies. Leveraging Managed IT and Security Services eliminates the internal heavy lifting and subsequent headaches. Partnering with ION247 allows you to:

  • Focus more time on growth strategies across your markets
  • Reduce the internal IT management and correlating overhead costs
  • Eliminate shadow IT and Security solutions that can pop up across projects
  • Receive the highest uptime for employee productivity and successful project completion
  • Implement standard security policies and posture to reduce your risk
  • One vendor and one SLA for reliable service, regardless of geography
  • Standardize IT/Security and processes across all projects, lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Operate off the most up to date technologies without the internal investment

ION247 provides a complete life cycle of consulting services including assessments, implementations, and managed IT services. Our investments in enterprise service management, remote maintenance and monitoring tools allow us to customize IT and security support that to meets your ongoing operational budget and needs.  We use a framework of people, processes and technology to deliver these advanced solutions within a cost-effective package that can be quickly scaled with your business and to ensure no gaps in security.

For the executive looking to outsource their IT so they can focus on increasing revenue and ensure project success, trust us to be your Managed IT, Physical Security, IoT, and Cybersecurity provider.


ION247’s IT and Security Assessments identify gaps and cost saving opportunities in your current system. Our aim is to give you a comprehensive road map of recommendations focused on business and technology alignment as you acquire and manage projects.


ION247’s Service Help Desk provides best-in-class remote support by engaging in a timely manner, conducting an initial assessment, response, research, and resolution of basic desktop support incidents and requests (tickets). The Service Help Desk is responsible for collecting information through a customer conversation, accessing support tools, and escalating to additional level 2 support staff if needed. We take ownership of each ticket and manage it to a resolution based on an agreed upon service level.


ION247’s remote monitoring and maintenance tools enable us to remotely manage your workstations and servers with the latest software updates, firmware patches, anti-virus definitions, as well as provide web filtering. Thresholds and alerts are configured at a device level, triggering automatic tickets to the Service Desk.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure all employees stay productive, instead of dealing with viruses or other cyber security issues. We monitor and manage your systems 24/7 to make sure they are online and performing at adequate levels, preventing problems before they happen. Remote connectivity allows employees in the corporate office and across all job sites to be backed by technology and supported by a reliable team.


Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are key to ensuring business plans have the right IT aligned so there are never any gaps.  Reducing gaps means you are reducing potential vulnerabilities that could occur when in growth mode or with changes in your business. A QBR is an ideal time for these conversations and helps our customers understand budgets and costs up front for inclusion in their growth projections.  We take pride in proactively engaging with our customers so we can continue to be a long-term strategic partner.


-IT Consulting Services

-Strategic Planning & Process Standardization

-Network & Server Management

-IT and Network Design & Implementation

-Ongoing Reporting for Enhanced Visibility

-Cloud Migrations

Managed IT Orlando Case Studies

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