ION247 provides the tools to be a force multiplier for your School District to enable your students a seamless, highly assessible and secured learning environment through virtual desktops. Creating a cloud-based, virtual framework enables students and faculty to balance the demand for both in-person and virtual learning scenarios, without gaps. Cloud solutions increases connectivity and productivity, eliminating the current challenges School Districts are facing with remote learning. Reduce the need for expensive hardware and on-premise servers that need ongoing maintenance and have a lifecycle window before replacements are needed.

Virtual desktops are quick to deploy and the features and functionality are as easy as traditional desktops.  Preferred end point devices, such as tablets or laptops, are selected and then rolled out for standardization across all schools. Faculty and students log in from the end point device though the secure network to the virtual machine to access the desktop for all saved data, software and programs.

Provide Secure, Scalable and Connected Remote Learning Environments, Without the Headaches.

Incorporating virtual desktops allows for increased connectivity. Virtual desktops are scalable solutions that allow your faculty and students across the district to stay connected, every minute during the school day, wherever their remote learning is taking place. IT teams have complete control over the scalability of the remote environment and can quickly add and remove access to a desktop. It also allows for the flexibility to quickly scale back during summer for better control of costs.

Run Hefty Programs in the Cloud, Not on the Device Itself.

With virtual desktops, students can access software and vast programs, such as Adobe Creative Suite, that would take up too much space on a tablet or laptop.  This gives the School District the flexibility to roll out lower costs devices to students, such as Chrome Books, while giving full access to robust software needed for educational curriculums.

Benefit from a Built in Disaster Recovery Solution.

With virtual desktops, your operating system and all data is in the cloud.  Whether it be COVID-19 or a natural disaster that you don’t have time to prepare for, your student’s and faculty’s desktop are fully backed up. You no longer have to think about securing your data at the last minute and can ensure continuity in education. This advanced preparation and use of cloud-based solutions will allow your schools to thrive through challenging times while keeping education ongoing.

Experience the Ease of IT Remote Monitoring and Maintenance.

IT can quickly remediate issues through remote support with your virtual desktop. This becomes mission critical when in scenarios when you have remote learning. It also allows issues to be fixed on an expedited schedule. Your IT team can support, troubleshoot, and provide full remediation, whether locally or hundreds of miles away, when desktops are in the cloud.  System updates can also be rolled out quickly and more efficiently.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership.

When leveraging virtual desktops, experience a reduction in hardware, resulting in a lower cost solution. You can immediately get off the hardware lifecycle with replacement costs every 3-5 years which boasts an immediate return on investment.  Virtual desktops provides School Districts with a reduction in system management when operating in the cloud, allowing your team to focus on other priorities.

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