IT Companies in Birmingham Can Help Preserve Your Business

IT companies in Birmingham

It's Not a Matter of "If", It's a Matter of "When"

Working with IT companies in Birmingham can save your business when crises come. You're going to have situations where operations are impacted technologically. A lot of things could contribute to this. Internal threats are actually much more impacting than external ones. Internal threats include errors in usage of technology, as well as incidental vulnerabilities which are opened up by using the internet in a compromising way.

MSP Correction

Education from MSPs can help here greatly. Internal solutions will have a much lower "ceiling" when it comes to means of maintaining operations. Their budget is limited to what your business can provide. Additionally, their ability to appraise internal employees of new threats or best practices is diminished by tech maintenance duty. Internal teams aren't as comprehensive as external ones. Most of their time is tied up playing catch-up in one way or another. Upgrades and patches, troubleshooting, installation, testing--you get the idea: there's a lot that keeps an internal team busy.

Additionally, each member of your internal team is likely going to cost you $50k+ annually. Couple with that internal costs of technology, and a team of five is going to cost you right around $300k annually. That is (assuming you're able to keep equipment acquisition, maintenance, and compliance) possible for $50k or less a year.

IT companies in Birmingham, meanwhile, can reduce operational expenses extensively through personnel diminution alone. If you reduce internal techs from five to one, you've eliminated the majority of tech costs even when you factor in external support. With cloud computing, Desktop/Device as a Service (DaaS), proactive monitoring, as well as support, you can additionally reduce machine costs while expanding the effectiveness of overall operations. Additionally, MSPs provide cybersecurity solutions for smaller businesses.

Facilitation of Greater Operational Stability

ION247 is one of the best IT companies in Birmingham that can help you reduce operational expenses, freeing up resources for outreach, R&D, and security. Contact us now for more information.