Do any of these questions RESONATE with your physical security systems?

Are you getting your full investment from your full time security staff?

  • ION247 ManageIT can help met service level agreements and reporting with best practice Service Desk processes at a reduce cost to full time staff.

Can you report on how good your service is?

  • ION247’s internal systems are made to automate tasks and insure tracking of all activities. This enables service level reports to be produced periodically to review problems, performance, and other vendors issues.

Can your vendor or full time staff configure all of the features of your systems?

  • ION247’s certified technicians have the IT and Physical Security expertise to troubleshoot and configure the advanced functions of your system.

Can you get Business Intelligence from your system?

  • ION247’s IT knowledge allows for advanced database queries and reporting techniques that will drive business decisions.

Is your physical security network secure?

  • ION247’s IT expertise and cyber-security tools scan and assess the network to identify issues or unusual activity.

Is your video system compliant with regulation?

  • Some industries require specific amount of video days to be stored. Over time a VMS can fall out of compliance as more cameras are added and configuration changes occur. ION247’s monitoring tools will constantly monitor the cameras and VMS and alert when compliance is breached.

Does your VMS store the amount of days it was specified to store?

  • ION247’s tools will quickly identify cameras that may be configured incorrectly.

Is your system always online? Are you reacting to outages?

  • 24/7 monitoring allows for ION247 to start troubleshooting and resolving issues when they happen.