Protect Your Business from New and Developing Scams with Managed IT Services in Orlando

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There's Always a New Threat

One reason it's integral to secure managed IT services in Orlando is because new threats and scams are always out there. Working with an IT group that helps you defer the impact of even one big-ticket attack can be worth associated costs.

Tax Season Fraud

There have been a number of creative tax fraud scams in the last few years, but the fraudsters are getting more sophisticated as previous cons quit working. Following, several tax-season email scams that are newer, and apt to slip through security procedures, will be briefly explored.

Fake Payroll Direct Deposit Emails

Managed IT services providers in Orlando are taking cues from the IRS to help protect clientele. Presently, the big scams are impersonation emails which are apt to use social engineering hacks as a means of stealing. All three of the scams being covered here work essentially the same way.

A cybercriminal of some variety impersonates a real individual in your company's infrastructure. Usually, they'll try and target an executive, impersonating this individual, and sending emails to individuals in HR. Basically, this scam email will ask for the employee in question to change deposit information for the purposes of stealing assets.

Often the email includes a new bank account number, a new routing number, or other associated falsified information. It usually takes a few lost payroll deposits to identify the scam.

Wire Transfer Scams

The wire transfer scam works similarly. A hacker impersonates someone in management, emails someone lower on the "pecking order" with access to financial information and asks them to wire-transfer a certain amount to a falsified account.

The W-2 Email Scam

The W-2 version of this email is again using executive impersonation to hoodwink lower employees. Usually, W-2 forms are requested of all employees to give the hackers an idea of how much they can get through their scam. Other iterations of this include requests for SSNs, addresses, salary information, and other data which could be used to initiate fraudulent activity.

Basically, the thieves then use this information to file tax returns which are fraudulent, recouping the tax refunds. A clever scam, certainly; but one that can cause a lot of damage for your employees, and your business.

Securing Operations

Managed IT services in Orlando through ION247 can help you defer W-2, wire transfer, and payroll deposit scams. These are 2019's flavor of fraud in tax season; next year, something else will come. Keeping yourself appraised can be as simple as working with the right MSP organization beforehand. Contact us for more information.