Overcome Common Data Storage Challenges with Managed IT Services Orlando

managed IT services Orlando

We are living in a data-intensive world and the biggest headache for many businesses leaders is data analytics. It’s always a nightmare figuring out what to do with the enormous amounts of data at your disposal, and that’s where managed IT services in Orlando can come to your rescue. Without an efficient, long-term approach to data storage, it becomes tedious and chaotic to make sense out of your data.

So, what are the major challenges with data storage today? Let’s look at them briefly:


Any form of data can be corrupted at some point. More often, stray particles can interfere with most data storage solutions. For example, electromagnetic interference can easily corrupt storage disks that rely on electric storage or magnetic strips. Sometimes, data can simply degrade over time even without external interference.


Perhaps your current data storage solution serves you just right. But, what happens if your data storage needs change over the next couple of years? Can your storage solution accommodate the extra amounts of data streaming in? A good data storage solution should have some level of scalability with different options to explore.

UI and Accessibility

Now, your data is only as useful as its accessibility by the right users. After all, your intention is not to keep the data in your archives but rather to analyze it and draw informed decisions. So, you’ll need a system with an intuitive and accessible user interface (UI) to make the data accessible when needed.

Infrastructure & Cost

Traditionally, businesses kept expansive server rooms for the data to rest. Today, it’s almost impossible to build an adequate data storage space and fully equip it with servers to handle the enormous amounts of data at your disposal. Of course, you can if you have the financial muscles, but who does that nowadays? It makes more economic sense to use managed IT services in Orlando.


Many businesses shiver at the thought of entrusting third-parties with the security of their data. To make matters worse, even the most established organizations like FBI experience massive security breaches even with their in-house serves. You will need to work with the right partners to establish foolproof data security measures and adhere to best practices.

So, what is the solution?

Fortunately, the constant pace of innovation has brought newer and more effective solutions to data storage. Cloud storage is a powerful and dynamic tool for SMEs that may not afford a physical in-house data center. A managed IT services provider in Orlando like ION247 can help your company leverage cloud-based strategy for data storage through data backup, flexible access, growth management, electronic sorting, and much more. Contact us now for more information.