Managed IT Services in Orlando: How Secure Is Your File Sharing?

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Being able to share files enhances collaboration, creativity, and productivity. It can also cause all sorts of security nightmares if not set up and managed properly. Managed IT services specialists in Orlando ask, "How secure is your file sharing solutions?"

How Does File Sharing Happen in Your Organization?

Always assume that unsecured file sharing is happening in some way, shape, or form. It may not be all of it, but there is likely some of it going on at any given time. Common sharing options include:

  • Using public drives

  • Using USB/thumb drives

  • Sending email attachments

  • Using sync-and-share apps like Dropbox

When a user shares an unsecured file, there is always a chance a hacker is waiting to capture it.

Of course, most users who share unsecured files do so with no malicious intent. They just want to get the information into the hands of the person they need to send it to in the fastest and/or most efficient way possible. Unfortunately, convenience and efficiency can cause a security nightmare.

How to Secure File Sharing

Securing your company against security threats caused by unsecured file sharing requires a comprehensive approach. According to managed IT services experts in Orlando, there are things you should remember for secure file sharing, these include:

  • Strong organizational policy and rules for file sharing

  • Visibility of all file sharing apps

  • Controlled access to sensitive documents

  • Ongoing training and awareness on the risks of data loss and theft

  • Compliance with industry regulations on sharing information

  • Routine audits of file sharing practices

The key is to give control and responsibility for securing the file sharing process to IT security experts. They can deploy tools to monitor the movement of sensitive documents and files. They can prevent employees from using unauthorized methods for file sharing. They can block traffic from public file sharing applications at the network level.

Who Bears Ultimate Responsibility for Unsecured File Sharing?

There are two answers. First, everyone in the organization needs to take personal responsibility for how they share documents and data files both internally and externally. That is where training and awareness come in, as well as a clearly defined policy on file sharing. Employees need to be held accountable when they breach policy.

Second, the head of your IT department needs to bear ultimate responsibility for securing file sharing activities. That can be the IT director, CIO, or virtual CIO.

Smaller organizations can use a managed service provider (MSP) to evaluate current practices and to make recommendations on policies and solutions for secure file sharing. Get in touch with ION247. We the managed IT services experts Orlando companies trust with their file sharing security. Contact us now for more details.