Managed IT Services in Orlando: Finding the Best Mobile Device Management Approach for Your Business

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Smartphones, tablets and other web-connected mobile devices are becoming increasingly important for business professionals. The addition of the cloud and seemingly ubiquitous Wi-Fi makes it that much easier to work from any location. Managed IT services experts in Orlando say allowing employees to use their personal devices when away from the office and also use them at the office can dramatically improve productivity.

Consider If Your Business is Prepared for Widespread Mobile Device Use

Some businesses are not ready for an influx of web-connected mobile devices. Take some time to determine whether your business networks, systems, and overarching infrastructure are capable of supporting a plethora of mobile devices. A managed IT services team in Orlando can help you make this assessment. If your infrastructure is not fully prepared for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), reach out to IT experts to help you brace for the onslaught of devices. Tech experts can help you implement solutions that jive with your existing guidelines and policies for work performed remotely. Let’s take a look at some additional questions to answer before allowing employees to work from their personal devices:

How will your organization respond when sensitive information on employee devices is stolen or lost?

If you do not have a detailed procedure in place, the loss of an employee phone or tablet will become a legitimate crisis. Figure out whether you will wipe the full device as soon as it is lost or stolen or whether such erasure will be limited to corporate apps/data.

Which devices will be allowed for work use?

It might be a mistake to allow any device on the network. Take some time to discuss your policy for devices and apps allowable for work use. Once security requirements are set, you will be in a better position to dictate which devices are allowed for remote work.

What types of data will be accessible?

Consider whether it will be necessary to encrypt data when employees rely on personal devices to transmit data. Furthermore, you must determine which employees will have privileges to read, write, delete, update, etc.

Employee Costs Vs. Organization Costs

BYOD presents usage cost challenges. Determine which party will pay for the devices, network, accessories, software, maintenance, etc.

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