Managed IT Services in Birmingham: How to Use Virtualization to Identify Malware

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Malware is a fact of life in today's IT world. You are almost guaranteed to encounter malware in every IT situation at some point in time. A smart managed IT services team in Birmingham is going to use every tool in its arsenal to prevent malware infiltration. One tool to add to your arsenal is virtualization.

Building a Sandbox

A common way malware infiltrates company IT assets is by hiding within a seemingly legitimate application or program. When the application runs, the malware starts infiltrating and replicating itself. Before you know it, you have a massive problem.

With a sandbox, you can test out an application to see if it has malware embedded in it. A sandbox is a virtual computer that acts like and appears to be a regular computer. However, it's isolated and completely virtual, so that the malware cannot go anywhere and do harm.

Quarantining and Destroying Malware

Creating a virtual environment does require time, skill, and effort. However, according to managed IT services experts in Birmingham, it is priceless when it comes to testing for malware, then quarantining and destroying it.

  • It does not require a permanent setup. You can create a virtual sandbox environment on your existing server. You can reset it when you're done testing. You can release its resources back to the server when you no longer need it.

  • To remove the malware, all you have to do is destroy the virtual environment. That's much easier than having to wipe and reformat a physical computer.

  • Testing it on different operating systems and in different environments is easy with virtualization. A few configuration changes and you have a perfect testing ground.

Containers are the Future

Containers take sandboxing to an entirely different level. Instead of setting up a complete virtual environment, a container provides only the software and hardware need to run the program in question. This allows the person running the malware test to design the size and contents of the container to exact specifications.

With a sandbox, the size and contents are the same no matter what test is being run. This does not allow for fully testing the application or software to see how it reacts in different environments.


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