IT as a Service Provided by IT Companies in Birmingham Will Enhance Your Digital Transformation

IT companies in Birmingham

IT as a Service (ITaaS) from IT companies in Birmingham is essential for the digital transition faced by every business. ITaaS approaches technology as though it is a commodity. It provides businesses with highly flexible and scalable software, hardware, and ongoing support. Businesses that take advantage of ITaaS can select the necessary resources and scale as appropriate in a seamless manner.

Here are some of the advantages of ITaaS:

Support is a Phone Call Away

The scalability noted above is backed by 24/7 support. This is the type of assistance most businesses do not have in-house. Employing a full team of tech experts requires lofty salaries, benefits and other perks the average business cannot afford. Lean on ITaaS operators and you will enjoy access to tech gurus, self-service portals for support and a cornucopia of helpful information. This is the assistance your team needs for improved functional efficiency and rapid troubleshooting.

Improved Network Security

Network security is more important than the average business owner or manager thinks. According to Verizon, nearly three-quarters of cyberattacks take advantage of known weaknesses. Some such vulnerabilities are decades-old. ITaaS provides a patch regime that reduces system vulnerability to threats. Service agents are deployed to pinpoint existing weaknesses and outdated software. System backups are performed with regularity along with testing prior to deployment.

ITaaS also allows for the regular monitoring of service along with key metrics pertaining to network health and unified monitoring solutions. This is the proactive monitoring every business needs to identify problems as soon as they emerge.

The Flexibility and Scalability Your Business Needs

The ITaaS model is available through a monthly fee that hinges on the number of systems and users required by your unique business. This is exactly what you need to keep costs under control, guarantee continued IT growth to keep pace with your company's growth and make the most of your limited resources.

ITaaS Lets You Incorporate the Latest Technology 

Technology is dynamic, meaning it changes as time progresses. Do not be intimidated by the rapid evolution of tech. IT companies in Birmingham, like us at ION247, are here to help. ITaaS accounts for the dynamic nature of technology by providing businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of the latest tech improvements. This way, businesses do not have to invest a considerable amount of money in a technology that might be replaced in the ensuing months or years. ITaaS also provides updated hardware and software patches/upgrades without delay.

If you need any sort of assistance with technology, ION247 is at your service. We are revered as one of the leading IT companies in Birmingham for good reasons. Contact us today for more information.