IT Companies in Orlando Ask, "Are You Truly Prepared for Cyber Attacks?"

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Having good intentions doesn't mean anything unless you act upon them. This is true in any part of life but becomes painfully clear when you are completely unprepared to handle a cyber attack on your company. That's why IT companies in Orlando ask, "Are you truly prepared to withstand a cyber attack on your IT infrastructure?"

Getting Beyond Good Intentions

You have the best of intentions to protect your company against cyber threats. You have read up on some threats. You have bought software to help prevent certain attacks. Your IT team has undergone training in how to address common threats. Your intention is always to do better.

However, good intentions are not enough. Today's cybercriminals are getting smarter and more devious. They are using any number of methods to infiltrate your network and to gain access to your company's most sensitive data. Remember, if one method doesn't work, they will find another.

You need to go beyond good intentions and moderate preparation. You need to get serious and stay that way when it comes to your company's cybersecurity.

What to Do Before an Attack Occurs

It starts with knowing what you are facing. Reading a few articles about cybersecurity isn't enough. You need to have a serious discussion with a cybersecurity expert on:

  • What are you trying to protect your company against?

  • What entry points, methods, and tools are attackers using?

  • Where are your company's vulnerabilities?

Getting the answers to these questions is critical, according to IT companies in Orlando. Once you know those answers, it's time to build a solid strategy to move forward.

Here are four critical steps for building a strategy to protect your company's critical IT assets:

  1. Take inventory of your IT assets - You can't protect that which you don't know exists. Physically inventory hardware assets. What machine performs which function. What software does each one run and what data does it store/access? You will be surprised by the unknowns you find.

  2. Do a vulnerability assessment - Are all of your IT assets up to date on security patches? Do you have critical data not being backed up properly? Once you know your vulnerabilities, handle them.

  3. Lock down privileges - Users only need the permissions required to perform their jobs.

  4. Enhance the security configuration on all IT assets - This can include locking down segments of the network, strengthening password policies, and limiting access to highly critical systems.

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