IT Companies in Birmingham Recommend Aligning Your Company's Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Planning

IT companies in Birmingham

It's easy for a company to plan for known events such as paying a bill, introducing a new product, or hiring a new employee. Unfortunately, it is the unplanned events that can bring a business to its knees. Working to lessen the effect of such events is central to both disaster recovery and cybersecurity. That's why IT companies in Birmingham recommend aligning them with each other.

What DRP and Cybersecurity Have in Common

Disaster recovery's focus is on preparing the company to recover in case something occurs. It could be a natural disaster like a tornado. It could be an accident like a burst water line flooding the building. It could be a malicious attack from a hacker.

Cybersecurity's focus is on protecting your IT infrastructure from digital threats. It could be a malicious attack from a hacker. But, it could also be an honest mistake made by an employee.

Both DR and cybersecurity work to get business operations back to normal as soon as possible. They build in resiliency so that similar incidents in the future are prevented or mitigated. They are both essential for company survival.

How to Align DR and Cybersecurity

Here are three steps, recommended by IT companies in Birmingham, you need to take to make sure your disaster recovery and cybersecurity are in alignment:

1. Know What You Need to Protect

You need to know what exists in your IT landscape in order to protect it. What is mission critical and what would you need to get working first to get back to minimal operational status? Protecting your backups is one example of what needs to addressed by both cybersecurity and disaster recovery.

2. Plan for Certain Types of Threats

How you react to a threat depends on the threat presented. For example, how you would react to a DDoS attack differs from how you would react to a ransomware event. Identify and planning for specific types of threats helps you recover faster.

3. Identify Your Recovery Needs

What would you have to recover to get back to operational status? Knowing that is key for making a swift recovery. And it will differ from one threat to another.

Trying to plan your cybersecurity and your disaster planning separately is very common in many industries. However, while both have a distinct role to play, it's imperative to keep them aligned to ensure the maximum protection (and recovery) for your company.

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