Deciding the Best Cloud Approach with the Help of a Managed IT Services Provider in Birmingham

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Three types of clouds have emerged that an experienced managed IT services provider in Birmingham can make available to your business— Public, private and hybrid cloud. Each has its advantages that can help with data storage. For the most part, the cloud is a secure and convenient place to store certain data. Here's a deeper look at how to determine how the cloud can be utilized to protect your data:

Security of Public and Private Clouds

Private clouds are designed only for intranet usage within an organization. Only members with special credentials have access. A public cloud, on the other hand, may involve shared servers among different organizations, making the data somewhat vulnerable to hackers and other parties. It's imperative not to store any confidential data on shared servers, especially if regulations prohibit such scenarios. An effective strategy for both backup and archiving is to prioritize your data so that the most important files are stored in the most secure places, whereas more affordable storage solutions can be used for less important data.

Foundation of a Solid Backup Plan

The 3-2-1 rule is a convenient reminder to have at least three copies of each file with two on different storage types and one on an offsite server. A hybrid solution is more effective than just using either a private or public cloud. Not all data is confidential and can be stored in a public cloud, whereas sensitive information needs to be on exclusive private servers. 

A managed IT services provider in Birmingham can monitor your infrastructure and determine weaknesses that need to be improved upon. Drawing from a diverse pool of expertise gives you solid resources to protect your data in the event of a cyber attack or some other type of disasters. The key is to outsource to expert technicians who learn your business and take proactive steps to make sure you always have access to all your data and applications.

An IT provider can regularly back up all your files in three places and periodically test files to make sure they haven't been corrupted. An IT provider also develops a disaster recovery plan so that steps are already laid out in advance on how to respond to an emergency. 

A major reason why businesses outsource to a managed IT services provider in Birmingham is for peace of mind so that managers can concentrate on what they do best. Leaving technical issues to computer experts will help save time and keep you focused on other priorities. Contact us now at ION247 to learn more about how we can protect your digital assets and provide a secure cloud environment.