Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Provided by IT Companies in Orlando

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Choosing to partner with one of the leading IT companies in Orlando will give your company access to Microsoft Office 365 services. Microsoft Office 365 allows your employees to work much more efficient and increase productivity in the office through the use of cloud technology. An IT service provider is always available to answer questions and will ensure that your company fully realizes the potential of using Microsoft Office 365 services in the workplace. Here are just a few of the many advantages of using Microsoft Office 365:

Ease of Access

One of the top advantages of Microsoft Office 365 is that it gives employees the freedom to access this software from any location with an internet connection. Cloud technology enables employees to easily work together and collaborate on multiple projects. Ultimately, this enhances productivity and allows workers to complete job tasks much quicker.

Scalability Options

IT companies in Orlando can scale your Microsoft Office 365 suite at any time to better meet the needs of your company. For example, you can add extra services or scale back during slower periods of time. These scalability options give business much-needed flexibility, and you can always reach out to an IT expert if you need any guidance on the best services to use for your company.

Additional Levels of Security

Cybersecurity is essential in today's workplace, as new cyber threats continue to emerge on an almost daily basis. Microsoft Office 365 has business grade level security, while the combination of an IT provider gives your company even further levels of protection. An IT service provider will also automatically install Microsoft Office 365 updates to ensure that everything is running efficiently and that your company is always well-protected from cyber threats.

Now is the perfect time to use a managed service provider (MSP) to migrate to Microsoft Office 365. ION247 is one of the top IT companies in Orlando that can help you fully take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 services. Our employees can help you choose a migration plan that best meets the needs of your company, whether you need cutover, staged, or hybrid Office 365 migrations. Cutover migrations can handle up to 2,000 mailboxes and is a single transfer process that happens at one time. A staged Office 365 migration occurs in multiple stages over a more extended period. While a hybrid migration is excellent for companies that need to move over 2,000 mailboxes and run Office 365 simultaneously.

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