Recipe for a secure construction site: ION Video managed services

A 2014 study conducted by the National Equipment Register and the National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated that the costs of annual construction equipment theft are between $300 million to $1 billion. This widespread theft is often attributed to substandard equipment and site security.

In many rapidly developing cities across the country, it is becoming imperative to find security systems for construction sites that are successful while being cost-effective. Here are some key questions to consider when looking for a security system:

  • Is the system wireless? Wireless systems are easy to deploy and install, and can be moved as the construction site changes.
  • What areas will the system monitor? Security systems should be set up to monitor entrances to catch anyone trying to gain access to the site, in addition to the strategic areas on-site in which expensive materials and tools would be stored.
  • Will the system be monitored by support technicians 24/7? In our "Why Choose SecAAS Over On-Site Security" post, we mentioned that the majority of alarms called into police every night are false, which could lead to fines and future delayed response times. When a threat is detected, 24/7 support technicians can quickly triage to confirm the threat is valid and call the police in real time.
  • Will the system be recording all the time? Traditional CCTV systems that record video 24/7 take up unnecessary storage space and can be expensive. Consider a cost-effective motion detector system.

ION Video Managed Services for Construction Sites

ION247 offers an effective security system tailored to the specific needs of a construction site. The ION Video Managed Services solution is wireless and is able to run on Wi-Fi or a cellular signal where Wi-Fi is unavailable. This makes set-up easy and flexible. Our team is mindful of the strategic areas on-site that are susceptible to threats, and strive to make each site as secure as possible.

A unique feature of the solution is the motion detectors that are activated when the system is armed. If the motion is picked up, then the system begins streaming a live video feed to our monitoring center in Birmingham. Our team of 24/7 support technicians then can determine if the incident is a true threat, and will call the police, avoiding potential false alarms. The motion detector is also cost effective, as there is no need to record all the time while taking up valuable storage space. 

ION247 can offer you successful, cost-effective security for your construction site. Contact us if you think our ION Video Managed Services are right for you.