How Our Managed Services Can Save Your Small Business

Imagine the countless IT problems that every business faces. Now imagine the countless expenses that accompany them. ION247's proactive service plan is designed to address every IT need, and to prevent any future complications. 

For example, let's say a 15-person company becomes infected by a virus. Without our managed services, that company could be facing expensive fees to pay someone after-the-fact to remove the virus, install protective software, recover lost data and back-up that data. Not to mention, a really bad infection could take all day to fix and would interrupt valuable work hours. 

Factoring in the additional loss of productivity caused by the incident, the company is facing a significant setback. Losing an eight hour work day at a 15-employee company, averaging $20 hourly would lead to $2,400 loss. Additionally, consulting two techs to fix the problem could cost upwards of $2,000 at $125 an hour. There is no guarantee that this event will not continue to happen over and over without taking preventative measures.

Let's rewind. If the aforementioned company had enlisted ION247, they would have saved significantly, only paying a monthly fee of $1,200. Not only would they benefit from our valuable services mentioned below, they would also be averting potential viruses, data loss, reduced productivity, loss of customers and needless expenses.

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Do you want to be proactive in protecting your business from needless harm? Contact us about our managed services today.