Client Spotlight: Vestal & Wiler

When ION247 engaged with Vestal & Wiler Certified Public Accountants, they had just made an investment in new infrastructure 12 months prior. As one of the leading Certified Public Accounting firms in Central Florida, they were experiencing growth and needed our help managing data storage and accessing software.

Due to the significant growth, Vestal & Wiler needed to use the current area in which they housed their servers for office space. ION247 worked out a plan to move the infrastructure to a local collocation facility in the short-term, with a long-term plan to move them to the cloud in the next 24 months.

This solution provided a way for Vestal & Wiler to get off “the technology life-cycle treadmill” that so many businesses fall into when hosting their hardware on premise. A cloud-hosted infrastructure will increase reliability, stability, and performance of the servers. 

Additionally, Vestal & Wiler auditors were in need of improvement and increased efficiency in access to their software tools. Since employees spend the majority of their time working at client's sites, Vestal & Wiler needed to be able to securely access their applications anywhere.

In response, ION247 deployed a Remote Desktop solution that allows access to all applications, from wherever Vestal & Wiler auditors find themselves. Now with just an Internet connection they can have access to everything they need, consequently accommodating employees that need to work from home, especially during the busy seasons.  

Are you looking to transition your business to a cloud-hosted infrastructure? Would you like more efficient and secure access to your essential business applications? Let us help you connect it!