Why Choose SecAAS Over On-site Security?


SecAAS stands for “Security As A Service”, which is a business model that offers integrated security services on a subscription basis. With SECaaS, security is supplied through the cloud, rather than on-site. Many wrongly assume that on-site security is an altogether better strategy for a safe business. However, there are major benefits in the SecAAS model, namely the cost.

The Benefits of SecAAS

ION live monitoring and verification is one feature of the video managed services ION247 offers and serves as a prime example of the cost effectiveness of the SecAAs model. This is an asset that sets ION247 apart from the rest, as trained experts keep watch over business assets 24 hours a day.

Researchers have found that over 97% of all alarms called into police every night are false. According to a 2005 article in Security Sales and Integration, only 2.8% of the 62,000 alarm calls in Dallas, TX were considered invalid. For many jurisdictions, multiple false alarms will result in fines or even a delayed response time. However, a video verified alarm by ION247 with police will decrease that response time and increase priority to dispatch units. Additionally, fines will become a thing of the past thanks to video verification.

The Successes of SecAAS

ION247 regularly experiences success with our video managed services. On April 23rd, at a Chevrolet dealership in Birmingham, an employee noticed a man trying to get into several cars at 2:19 a.m. He asked the man to leave and then alerted BPD. The police responded and the man was arrested for trespassing. The ION live monitoring allowed a quick response time, without the extra expense of on-site security personnel. Our camera captured this shot of the culprit.

If your business is interested in making the switch to a SecAAS model, let us know how ION247 can help you secure it.