Giving IT More Time

By Chris Davis, CTO

While in a meeting with a new client onboarding to our Level 2 Managed Service, the IT Director and I discussed how ION247 after-hours activities work.

“My wife will love that,” the IT Director replied.

That was an eye-opening moment for me, realizing that ION247 services not only improve the daily operations of a business, but can also improve a person’s life.

We also discussed our enterprise tools that monitor systems 24/7.  I never thought about the stress that the director feels weekly when something happens at work - he has to get on his computer, step out from dinner, or get up in the middle of the night to provide insight and resolution. 

As an IT professional, it is pretty much assumed we may have to jump into action at any time.  Unfortunately, our partners, families, and friends do not always understand or appreciate that level of heroism.

IT Directors choose to engage with ION247 managed services because we eliminate the need for a network or server engineer.  We provide 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and engineer resources at an affordable monthly price. 

Throughout my career, I have absorbed some ideas from several articles and books on “How to find a balance between work and family.”  One common theme is to reduce and specialize. 

Find those activities or services for which you and your team can provide the most value, and then find specialized partners.  Every director, not just IT, should be looking for areas in which their teams do not excel, have redundancy, or coverage during certain times.  Filling these gaps will help reduce the anxiety of not doing a piece of your job, and will lessen interruptions after-hours.  When the director is on vacation, they can actually be on vacation. 

While growing ION247, my family has had to make many sacrifices.  However, I now have quality managers that can make decisions and keep the business running, giving me the chance to enjoy an amazing vacation with my family.  When I returned I gave them a huge thank you, because that time spent with the people I love was priceless.

I encourage you to take five minutes today and identify at least one gap that causes you stress or anxiety, then brainstorm a solution and implement.  Let us know if our managed services can provide a solution for your business, and help give you more time for the things that matter most. Get your free network assessment to see if our services are right for you.